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Set Photos From the new DOOM Movie… Look Exactly Like the old DOOM Movie


One of the first things I’d thought when it was announced that we were getting a new feature film based on DOOM was how awesome it would be if it took inspiration from the colorful, badass, and explosive latest entry. Welp, we’ve got our first look at the new film and… it looks almost indistinguishable from the old DOOM film. Murky, dark, and so very very cheesy, the new DOOM film reeks of early 2000s edge and it’s disheartening to an incredible degree. Now of course, this could be just these few rooms we’re seeing here, and maybe special effects will enhance them… but boy, this is impressively bad looking. A few of the images almost look pulled from the very first Resident Evil movie, which sounds about right considering that the previous DOOM took more inspiration from that film (along with other late 90s early 2000s films like Cube and Pitch Dark) than the actual DOOM video games.

The images and footage come courtesy of star Nina Bergman, who previously was the one who announced the film was happening at all. She appears to be playing a space marine, and is part of a group of space marines (no green-clad DoomGuy? Again?). I want to stay positive for the film, and I’m hoping that maybe these just aren’t representative of the final product, but my expectations are way, way lower than they were now.

At least she looks excited, and it looks like the filming part of production was loads of fun. At worst, hopefully, we can look forward to another dumb action film like the previous one. A far cry from Rip and Tear, but oh well.


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