Secret Message Found in ‘Silent Hill: Townfall’ Audio

Silent Hill: TownfallDuring last week’s Silent Hill Transmission Livestream several new Silent Hill projects were announced, including a mysterious entry titled Silent Hill: Townfall. Recently, one eagle-eyed fan discovered a clue within the game’s teaser trailer.

Reddit user MilkmanEX extracted the audio from the Townfall trailer and converted it to an MP3, revealing text in the audio’s spectrogram. When viewing the audio’s spectrogram at around 52 seconds in, a secret message appears, which reads:

Whatever heart this town had has now stopped.

You can view an enhanced version of the hidden message below.

Silent Hill: Townfall

Whatever this cryptic message means, it sure is compelling. It’s also a very Silent Hill line. It seems to indicate that the power behind Silent Hill has either diminished or died, opening up all kinds of possibilities. Are there forces who want to restore the town’s power? As the player, is your goal to keep that power dead? We’ll just have to wait and see.

As we reported earlier, Townfall is a new title in the series being developed by Annapurna Interactive and No Code games. The recently released teaser trailer for the game begins with waves on a beach with a voiceover talking about how they are “stuck here in this place being judged by these…people” and a portal pocket television pops and glitches out, flashing images of what looks like amps and monsters.

It ends with the voiceover saying, “I think you’re here for some other reason. And I don’t want to be anywhere near you…when you figure that out.”

Stay tuned here for more info on Townfall and all the newly announced SH titles as they are revealed.

Big thanks to IGN for spotting this story.

You can check out the teaser trailer for Silent Hill: Townfall below.

YouTube video

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