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Saw Inspired Escape Room Game Play With Me Released

Play With Me

Jigsaw is making a comeback today it seems. Play With Me, a game that’s not officially connected to — but heavily inspired by — the Saw film franchise has released today on Steam. This new escape room title puts players in the role of investigative journalist Robert Hawk, whose wife’s disappearance may be tied to an eccentric serial killer named Illusion. With Saw as its #1 influence, you can expect weird and elaborate traps.

Judging by the trailer for Play With Me, the game’s production values are pretty high, with nicely detailed and stylized hand-drawn environments. The voice acting on the other hand… eh. But hey, the game touts puzzles so clever that you may just have to bust out real life tools to help you figure them out. Have a pen and paper ready.

Play With Me looks to be a solid escape room based on early Steam reviews. It’s available for purchase for $8.49 on sale.

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