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April Fools’: Umbrella Corps 2 Leaked, Includes Battle Royal Mode, REmake 3 Might be in Jeopardy

Well, this unexpected, to say the least. Despite Umbrella Corps. very clearly being the worst selling console released Resident Evil game in the history of the IP, Capcom might be seeing fit to release a sequel. This comes from an anonymous leaker on Restera, but the information sounds legit — and even has pictures! This all follows up on Jun Takeuchi’s statements regarding a project that would make us go “wow, they’re working on that!?. I, without a doubt, am going “wow, they’re working on that!?“. So far the details are a little vague, but here’s what we know so far:

  • The title will be stylized as Umbrella Corps. TWO
  • Will feature a more robust single-player story, starring 3A-7 as they track down the T-Abyss sample Jessica and Raymond made off with at the ending of Revelations 1
  • Will be using Photogrammetry for its character models (the original Umbrella Corps did this as well, actually) with RE Engine (the original used Unity)
  • Multiplayer will feature some sort of BSAA vs. Umbrella Corps mode, leaker indicates it being similar to COG vs Locust in Gears of War
  • There will be a Battle Royal mode, developed with the help of the PUBG team (after working with them on the REmake 2 event)
  • Indications that this is either taking precedence over REmake 3 or will be a part of REmake 3
  • Hard push to cater to the Fortnite crowd, just like RE6 did with the Call of Duty crowd. Capcom wants this to make billions of dollars with microtransactions and Lets Players screaming at their cameras
  • Chris will somehow be involved in the story

We also have a few leaked documents from development, showcasing what sort of looks like Chris in his RE6 costume with minor additions (I think that’s a sheath on his wrist?). There appear to be color variations as well. There’s also a sheet of Japanese text with dates and such. According to Google translate, much of it is business strategy dealing with marketing, but it does appear that they’re shooting for a late 2019 release, with it probably being announced at this year’s E3. The one worrying thing is that there are indications that it might jeopardize the release of REmake 3. I can only see it as perfectly logical though — why take a chance on something unproven, like a sequel to a game that sold 4 million units in a month, when you can make a sequel to a game that less than 500 people have ever played on Steam? That’s what I’d go with, a real underdog bet.

We’ll keep you up to date as more information becomes available.


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