Rumor: The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier Next Chapter in Telltale Series

Rumor: The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier May Be the Next Chapter in the Telltale Series (Update: Nope)

Update: The Walking Dead IP holder Skybound Entertainment has addressed the rumor of a fifth season of Telltale’s series, tweeting that they “currently have no plans for a Season 5.

Original Post:

The rumor mill continues to churn as always and recently stories have began to pop up concerning The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier, which will act as a fifth season of the popular series.

After the shut down of Telltale Games back in 2018, many fans of the point and click series feared that it would mean the end for Clementine. The studio (after being reformed) heroically managed to finish the fourth season of the game under the moniker of ‘The Final Season’ and many assumed this would be the end to the tale.

Recently, however, a Reddit post has appeared claiming to lay out details of several resurrected Telltale properties including The Walking Dead along with Tales from the Borderlands and the second season of The Wolf Among Us. While posts like these always need to be taken with a huge grain of salt, there is a decent amount of detail here regarding the plot and gameplay of ‘Fatal Frontier’ that has led many to think this could be more than just a rumor.

The post claims that The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier will continue the story of Javier. Most of the rest of the season 3 story will be left to one side and instead old favourite Kenny will be making a return as the pair set off on a quest to find Clementine. It seems that most of ‘The Final Season’ will be discounted and the focus will be more on the aftermath of Richmond.

More interestingly, however, are the alleged changes to the gameplay. The Walking Dead: A Fatal Frontier supposedly ditches the point and click style of past entries in favour of a more survival horror focused direction. The post even goes so far as to state that inspiration has been taken from the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, which could make for a very interesting final product. The episodic structure of the past has also been scrapped and ‘Fatal Frontier’ is said to be one self-contained product. Nothing is mentioned on if past decisions will be carried over into the game but the moral dilemmas the series is known for may be a thing of the past.

All three titles mentioned in the post are said to be Epic Exclusives. Mention of releases on ‘Modern Consoles’ might also suggest ports of the past seasons of The Walking Dead making it to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.
There is a lot to unpack in the post, and it must be said again that this could just be the overactive imagination of someone on Reddit. If it is true, then it could mean some interest things for the series going forward.
Luckily, we do not have to wait too long for confirmation as ‘Fatal Frontier’ is apparently going to be announced at the upcoming PC Game Show slated for June 6th.

Personally, I hope this turns out to be true. A more survival horror focused Walking Dead is something I would definitely be down for.

[Source via Game Rant]

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