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Rumor: RE2 Remake Achievements/Trophies Leak

(Update 01/07/19: At the request of Capcom, we have taken down our listing of the leaked trophies. To view the full list on the original website, you can click the link below.)

A very happy RE2 Remake holidays indeed!

I’d honestly kind of been expecting this, as achievements/trophies tend to leak a little bit before games in general — it’s hard to hide something when it’s built into a public infrastructure. It was only a matter of whether it would be weeks or days with RE2 Remake. That said, this should be taken as total rumor for the time being, and as such with a massive grain of salt. Luckily there aren’t really spoilers here (not even for the extra modes) as the list keeps all the “hidden” trophies/achievements hidden.

Resident Evil 2 trophy list.

Now, again, this is to be filed under rumor — but there are actually a few spots of credibility to this. A few weeks ago, Capcom had a few news outlets playthrough a rather long section of RE2 Remake from what I’m guessing is about the halfway point. The footage was released with the stipulation that specific elements — the alligator fight in the sewers, your full inventory, several cutscenes (one involving a returning character), and most importantly, the trophies, were to be either cut from the footage or obscured. In a move that I’ve sure severed all trust with Capcom in the foreseeable future, several of the outlets that got to record footage ignored these stipulations outright and released the footage undoctored and unedited. So yeah, be wary out there because there’s a lot that’s leaked that we’re not supposed to see yet.

In the unedited footage, however, several trophies pop that also appear on this list. Now, of course, that isn’t a 100% confirmation that this list is real — if faked, the creator could have just as easily watched that same footage to learn a few of the real trophies to stick in their otherwise made up list. The rest of the list does fall in line with the other recent RE games in having jokey achievement/trophy names (RE7 had an achievement called Arms in the Air for blocking an attack successfully, and RE0 HD had one called Die, Devil Bird! for defeating the infected bat). Again, doesn’t really confirm anything 100%, but worth pointing out.

How real or not this list is will be revealed when the game launches in a month from tomorrow (squee!), and I’m glad that even if it is real the hidden trophies/achievements are still hidden. I’m still holding out hope for a fixed camera mode, and achievements for it or no achievements for it would spoil that surprise either way.


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