‘Return to Silent Hill’ Feature Film to Adapt Silent Hill 2, First Details

Return to Silent HillPerhaps a smidge lost in the shuffle during yesterday’s game announcement madness, (four new titles announced including a remake of Silent Hill 2), Christophe Gans (director of 2006’s film adaption) was given a few minutes of time during the special ‘Silent Hill Transmission‘ video update. While he had spoiled the film’s existence during interviews over the past year or so, (and even just rambled a bit about the Silent Hill games revealed during yesterday’s video), it’s extremely exciting and gratifying to finally have the film revealed. Titled Return to Silent Hill, this film is an adaption of the much beloved Silent Hill 2, something Christophe Gans had wanted to do since making the very first film. You can check out Gans and producer Victor Hadida discussing the film during the video:

YouTube video

I’ve always been a fan of the first film, despite its heavy alterations to game lore I adore its dedication to recreating the game’s tone and atmosphere, occasionally even recreating moments or camera angles (not to mention its heavy use of the actual game score). Knowing that the next film will be a take on one of the most beloved games in the series is extremely exciting, knowing that that level of respect (again, despite alterations) appears to be carrying over. I wrote a thread over on Twitter about the concept art and storyboards shown off during the video, showcasing and comparing moments as they appear in the art vs the game scenes they’re taken from:

Fans should obviously expect alterations, deviations, and just straight-up missing content (as Gans states, they’re trying to “transpose the language of the game into a 90-100 minute film), but hopefully can go into this new film with an open mind. We’ll be keeping you updated on future developments regarding Return to Silent Hill.

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