Resident Evil: Resistance Title Roadmap Revealed

Resident Evil: Resistance Title Roadmap Revealed

While Resident Evil 3 Remake might have had top billing, Resident Evil: Resistance has been going pretty strong. While our official review isn’t ready yet, I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it and have remained hopeful that the previously announced Jill Valentine DLC won’t be the end of this title’s support — and it appears developer NeoBards is already set on delivering. A “Title Roadmap” was revealed on Twitter, showcasing a vague outline of what to expect and when in the future for Resident Evil: Resistance. The image includes Jill of course, but it also has a few hints towards two more DLC updates and more even beyond them:

People have already been trying to guess like mad what these images could be alluding to, with most thinking that the May character could be Nikolai Ginoveav. Looking through existing character assets, the silhouette doesn’t appear to be of any character in particular, which is probably deliberate. It even looks as though the image has been slightly morphed so as to ensure guessing is useless (unless that forearm is supposed to tip us off that Popeye is coming). The June update is far more intriguing to me personally, as the caution tape (while arguably generic) does relate to a specific element in RE3. Nemesis adopting a caution tape aesthetic to his new look could tie into this upcoming Resident Evil: Resistance update is what I’m getting at. Beyond that — who knows? My dream DLC is Albert Wesker as a Mastermind, although Lucas Baker would be great as well. There’s no way of knowing how “canon” they’ll try to keep this non-canon game though.

We’ll keep you updated, and please look forward to our review soon!

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