Resident Evil 3 Remake: New Trailer, Jill Playable in Resistance! -

Resident Evil 3 Remake: New Trailer, Jill Playable in Resistance!

As the clock ticks down into the final week before the launch of Resident Evil 3 Remake, things are just going to get crazier from here. The public beta for Resident Evil: Resistance (Resident Evil 3 Remake‘s pack-in multiplayer game) just started today, and along with it a new trailer has dropped! The ‘Jill Valentine’ trailer showcases new footage from the main game, along with the reveal that Jill will, in fact, be playable in Resistance with a free title update! The trailer is just over three minutes long, but be warned — this is very arguably the most spoiler-heavy trailer we’ve gotten yet.

So yeah, that sure does look like a freaky, stretched out Nemesis. Could it be possible that they’re going all-in on his progressive mutations this time around? In the original game, Nemesis only really had three forms, and one was arguably just his regular form but with extra tentacles. Expanding on this would be a major change, but just look at how sick he looks! We also get a few tender moments between Carlos and Jill, which is nice to see as a big fan of their characters (shout out to all the Valeveira shippers out there, too). On top of all of that, we also see a shot of the R.P.D. from Carlos’ point of view, looking down (what appears to be) the hallway where Leon/Claire finds the corpse with the shredded jaw.

The anticipation is simply maddening, but we’ve still got just a few more days to wait! The demo is of course already available, and the Resident Evil: Resistance open beta just started, so hop to it! If you’d rather wait for the full experience, though, the entire Resident Evil 3 Remake package arrives April 3rd.

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