Resident Evil Reboot’s R.P.D. Amidst The Outbreak in New Set Photo

Once again, unto the distant somewhat blurry set photo — but this time, in action. Over the past few weeks, we’ve watched as the new Resident Evil movie reboot has been coming together. From some dressing up of the shooting locations to the shockingly accurate recreations of certain elements like vehicles to the wonderfully detailed R.P.D. front entrance, I’ve been entranced with each new image we’ve gotten. So far, we haven’t seen a whole lot from actual filming beyond a short clip of the 18-wheeler from Resident Evil 2‘s opening — but today we got our first look at one of the series’ most iconic timeframes — the Raccoon City outbreak. Reddit user u/outoftheMultiverse captured this amazing looking shot of the previously bright and obviously fake R.P.D. facade now drenched in darkness and death, looking like a shot straight out of the games:

Burning trucks and a horde of zombies, the R.P.D. station sits in the shadow of death as filming has clearly begun on the Resident Evil 2 sections of the film (or at least the outdoor sequences, that is). It’s interesting to take note of the green screen behind the outer wall, which is most likely being used so that the rest of the building can be added in digitally. The facade only covers the main entrance, so that makes sense (it also does not extend into the building’s interior, which will more than likely be filmed on a sound stage). I’d be curious to know if these shots are of just the horde and exterior, or if some Leon/Claire footage could be taking place behind those gates. I’ve been very anxious to see the costuming, and odds are that the two characters will be on this set eventually, under the watchful eye of fan’s camera lenses.

We still have yet to see any footage from the Resident Evil 1 sections of the film (besides some vague and unconfirmed images of what might be the mansion), although that’s not really a surprise. Some fans have been quick to jump to the conclusion that this means that those sections will be short and Resident Evil 2 will be taking up the bulk of the film, but just like the R.P.D. interiors, the mansion is more than likely going to be a sound stage. Along with that the Mansion has very few exterior environments, and all of them are forests as opposed to urban, so even if there is exterior footage being filmed it won’t be in the middle of the street like this. Plus, films aren’t usually shot in-sequence, so it doesn’t matter at all what is being shot or when.

I continue to anticipate footage/photos that include the film’s main cast in costume, but there’s no telling when that will be. We’ll keep you posted.

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