Resident Evil Village First PS4-Pro Footage Unveiled

Screenshot from Resident Evil Village showing Lady Dimitrescu on the phone.

We are mere moments away from getting our hands on Resident Evil Village, arguably one of the most anticipated horror games since the last RE instalment. With that, some exclusive footage has been uploaded to YouTube, which shows five minutes of actual gameplay footage captured from a PS4 Pro.

In the video, posted to IGN’s YouTube channel, fans get to see how the game will look in its final iteration on the Pro version of the PlayStation 4. Footage captured shows the protagonist, Ethan, sneaking around the castle, avoiding being seen by Lady Dimitrescu, the matriarch and possibly one of the main selling points of the game (thanks, horny RE fans), and gunning down advancing enemies. You’ll find the video attached at the end of this article.

The game shows what many may come to hope for from Resident Evil Village, given the reputation of the previous game: Resident Evil 7: BioHazard. It’s the gloomy, creepy, first-person horror-action atmosphere that fans will come to expect from the franchise since the 2017 return to roots.

Many may have been surprised when Capcom announced Village was going to be released on PS4 and Xbox One, given that it was originally touted as a new-gen game. I’m sure many will be happy about that given that not everyone has switched over to PS5 or Xbox System X | S yet, nor can anyone get hold of new GPUs to upgrade their PCs, thanks in part to cryptominers.

Resident Evil Village will be coming out on May 7th for Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and even the Stadia. PC fans can pre-purchase the game here. We also recently posted the hardware spec for the game recently. Enjoy the footage!

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