People Really Want the Resident Evil Village Lady To Step On Them

The hype builds every day as we come closer to this coming Thursday’s Resident Evil Showcase event, which promises a new Resident Evil 8: Village trailer, gameplay, and “more from the Resident Evil franchise”. We’re so hyped we spent like four hours going through the teaser video for the event frame by frame for hidden details. One detail that wasn’t quite so hidden was the uh… extremely tall woman, who appears to be the game’s primary antagonist. We don’t have any context for her as of yet, although this teaser is the first time we’ve gotten a really good look at her. Hoo lawdy is she tall, and her old world gothic countess vibe has sent the internet on fire.

The Tall Lady, for lack of a true name as of yet, has captured the internet’s hearts… and other parts… as fanart, memes, cosplay, and a general atmosphere of extremely, extremely horny has wrapped around her. We’ve been loving it so far, and figured we’d take the time to share some of our favorite artwork and memes (within reason…) and other social media goings-on with her. Full disclosure: I’m mutuals with several of these artists and posters (and show up in the comments of several).

From the “wow she seems cool” art (with a side of mildly horny):



To the Cosplay:

To the just horny posting:

This isn’t even counting all of the other artwork there is out there of her, which I bet you can find on your own if you look hard enough. Well, maybe not that hard. This phenomena of excited horniness has become so omnipresent that even the official Resident Evil Twitter account got in on it:


That about sums it up. Every few minutes there seems to be a new piece of art depicting her as… overwhelmingly powerful, let’s put it that way. I can only assume there’s going to be even more after we actually get more footage of her during the Resident Evil Showcase event on Thursday. So I guess keep ‘RE Village Tall Lady’ on standby in your search history to keep up to date, and if you have any fanart that you want to show off, please do!

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