Resident Evil Netflix Series: Plot Accidentally Revealed on Netflix’s Website

Rumors and speculation regarding a Resident Evil Netflix series have been flying around the web for… well, years if we’re being honest. The first hints of it were Resident Evil film rights holder Constantin films announced a TV series back in 2014, and since then that series has bounced back and forth between a rumored pitch to a full-blown Netflix series. Looks like things have settled on the latter, although none of the information surrounding it has been able to be verified to any real degree. Earlier in the week we reported on a leaked shooting schedule reported by Redanian Intelligence, a Witcher Netflix series fansite, although their source was vague and unable to be independently verified. This time around, however, the source comes straight from the horses’ mouth. We might as well urge you to still take this with some salt because none of this has officially been announced, but the Resident Evil Netflix series was on Netflix’s official Media Center website for just long enough to be caught by Wayback Machine. The plot details as follows:

While fans may have wanted an adaption of the series (some have even suggested a game per season), this series… may actually be canon. Unlike the Resident Evil motion picture series, which was set in its own universe and any ties to the video game canon end just after the Raccoon City outbreak (which may or may not have even happened in 1998 given the contemporary look to the film), this seems to indicate a… more or less normal world. Referencing the “discovery of the T-Virus” as having been 26 years ago (which would be 2024) lines up with the normalcy of the in-game universe (which, at the time of writing, was 22 years ago). That is, of course, extrapolation — but the fact that the world doesn’t seem to have ended in the Resident Evil Netflix series is very telling that it’s at least not set in the movie universe. Of course, we won’t know until we know — it may be months to years before we see anything officially released about it. It coming out to coincide with Resident Evil 8, however, might be in the cards.

Every new numbered Resident Evil game (not counting REmake 2 or REmake 3) has had a film tie-in since the releases of Resident Evil: Degeneration and Resident Evil 5. It’s possible that could still be coming, Capcom seems to enjoy releasing new movie/series content to coincide with games (the last three Dead Rising games released alongside live-action films, as an example).

For now, all we can do is wait. This is the strongest evidence yet regarding the Resident Evil Netflix series, so now it really is just a waiting game. In the meantime, Resident Evil 3 Remake releases April 3rd across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam.


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