Resident Evil 8 Reaches 4.5 Million in Sales

Ever since Resident Evil was rebooted back in 2017 with the release of Resident Evil 7, it seems as though the series can do no wrong. With a new first-person perspective, a return to the survival horror roots that made the original games so influential, and the introduction of new story and gameplay elements, both Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 8 have breathed new life into a franchise that was dwindling. It’s hardly surprising then that RE8 has now reached a milestone in sales since launching in May.

In a recent Twitter post, the official BioHazard account wrote (in Japanese) that the game had accumulated worldwide sales exceeding 4.5 million. There’s now a badge in the top right-hand corner of the Resident Evil website which confirms this. It’s not exactly an exciting badge, but it does get the message across.

Overall, Resident Evil 8 (or Resident Evil Village), has received immense praise across the board, with many noting the shift towards a more action-orientated game, an aesthetic not too far removed from the much-beloved Resident Evil 4. Generally, RE8 is considered a very strong addition to the series. Though, arguably, the inclusion of Lady Dimitrescu has a lot to do with how it’s been received, particularly during the game’s marketing.

Given its immense popularity, it was inevitable that Capcom would announce upcoming DLC for the game. What that will include is anyone’s guess, but it’s obvious the developer/publisher is nowhere near done with Resident Evil 8. It’s still being played in droves across streaming platforms such as Twitch, and people like me have yet to actually fork over the money to play the whole thing (the demo has sufficed for now). But with the high praise, and Lady D bringing in the horny gamers, 4.5 million is nonetheless impressive by any standard.

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