Resident Evil 3 Fan Remake Restores Fixed Camera Angles

Resident Evil 3

The Resident Evil franchise is enjoying something of a resurgence these days. With the last two numbered installments going down a treat, and the two remakes successfully demonstrating how to successfully reimagine classic titles, Capcom’s flagship zombie series shows no signs of slowing down.

Speaking of the remakes, even though 2020’s Resident Evil 3 sold well it wasn’t as well-received as its predecessor. Many thought it was too short and was missing the classic tank control scheme and fixed camera angles of the original 1999 release. Luckily, someone has been working on their own fan-made version of the RE3 remake which restores these features.

The unofficial fan project, developed by Blue Square Studio Games and simply titled Resident Evil 3: Remake Fan Game, was made using the Unreal Engine 4 and brings back the aforementioned classic controls and fixed camera angles of the original games. It even brings back the old inventory system. There’s also the option to switch to the newer control/camera scheme popularized by Resident Evil 4 and the two official remakes, but we imagine most people will be more interested in the classic control scheme.

Given that it’s currently in alpha state, it still needs some polish, but what’s there so far looks pretty impressive. There are only thirty minutes of actual gameplay, and it’s missing cutscenes at the moment, but those will likely be added in future updates.

You can check out a quick playthrough of the Resident Evil 3 Unreal remake below and download the game on the developer’s page here.


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