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REmake 3 Could be Revealed During Sony SoP Stream

It’s been a wild week for RE fans, perhaps the wildest since RE7 was revealed by surprise. After months of speculation and rumors (many of which fans completely dismissed), Resident Evil 3 Remake is official, it’s real. We know this, of course, thanks to a leak via a PlayStation 4 upload monitoring website, which published REmake 3 and Resident Evil: REsistance‘s cover art along with several other games just uploaded to the service. That means that, while we all know that it’s coming, Capcom still has yet to officially unveil it. There’s been speculation as to where the game might finally be shown, with the most obvious candidate being this year’s Game Awards — but host Geoff Keighly shot that down on Reddit yesterday. This left us with the only other major event REmake 3 could be announced at being Jump Festa later this month (where Capcom confirmed that they’ll be showing off a new game) — or if Sony happened to drop a State of Play stream beforehand.

Speaking of which, Sony is dropping a State of Play stream beforehand.

There’s no telling what all will be shown during this stream (aside from a new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer probably), but odds are looking very good that this will be where we’ll see REmake 3 for the first time. Resident Evil has been presented on Sony’s stage the last two times there was a major reveal (RE7 in 2016 and REmake 2 in 2018) so it makes sense that whatever deal that allowed for that would still be in place, regardless of E3 presence. Again, there is no confirmation that REmake 3 will 100% be shown during the stream, but odds are definitely in its favor. Known game leaker Daniel Ahmad hinted that we’d be seeing REmake 3 sooner than TGA, and it doesn’t get much sooner than this. It does leave me wondering (if it truly is part of the stream) if we’ll learn anything about what’s going on with REmake 2 during the stream. So far, State of Play streams have been very short and concise, leaving little wiggle room for each game. If REmake 2 really does have new DLC coming (as a new achievement and active updating on the developer side of things would indicate), would it simply be part of the same trailer? That’s not even talking about REsistance, which again, was also leaked in the same update REmake 3 was. Only time will tell.

Sony’s State of Play stream will be on December 10th (next Tuesday), at 6 am Pacific time. We’ll be keeping our eyes glued to the screen.

Resident Evil 3 Remake wallpaper from Mattyxarope over on Reddit

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