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REmake 2: You can Now Buy All the Unlocks For $5

REmake 2 has arguably some of the most challenging unlocks this series has had in a good long while. Getting the Infinite Launcher and Chaingun are nutso hard (requiring S+ ranking on Hardcore mode), and The 4th Survivor is such a bitch that I wrote a whole guide for it. As such, you can now purchase the ‘All In-Game Rewards Unlock’ for $5. Resident Evil 7 did something similar as well, although (as that game didn’t really have particularly challenging unlocks) you can buy a series of separate coin items that increase various stats (and unlocks Madhouse mode from the start). Eh, I don’t mind. I have no interest, and maybe charging for it is a little meeeehhhhh but whatever. If you don’t think you can power through or just want those things now it’s just another option. I know I know you real gamers are so hurt at the idea of someone not suffering through it the way you did.

This, of course, unlocks The 4th and all Tofu Survivor modes, all weapon and skin unlocks, all concept art, and all infinite weapon unlocks. Quietly releasing a few months down the line (during a period where REmake 2 is on sale — until tomorrow) sounds about right. It remains to be seen if REmake 2 will be getting any more gameplay or story-based DLC, and with rumors of REmake 3 being on the very near horizon, I’m willing to bet no. I wasn’t in love with The Ghost Survivors (never gave it a proper review, but suffice it to say I felt it was kind of dull and uninspired) but it was also free, making complaints about it rather silly. I wouldn’t mind something more (and I know fans are hungry for a Marvin DLC, which I would gladly pay for if it had some actual story content rather than just flashcards) if it comes. I’m still desperate for an RE4 look for Leon, which the modding scene surprisingly hasn’t jumped on yet (I guess they’re all too busy working out how to make everyone naked in an engine that looks nearly photorealistic). We’ll keep you up to date one way or another.

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