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REmake 2 Sales Closing in on the Sales of RE2 Classic

Considering what a legend the original Resident Evil 2 is, this must be really gratifying news to the REmake 2 team. Capcom’s second year of record-high profits continues to pay off with their flagship titles. We recently reported about Capcom’s 2019 corporate financial report, where they detailed why they believed they’ve been accomplishing such high numbers. Monster Hunter World, Capcom’s highest-selling title of all time (now sitting at 14.1 million units, double that of their second-highest title, RE5) is probably the biggest contributor to this, but REmake 2 has been no slouch. Launching to a massive 4 million units shipped, the title now sits at 4.7 million units sold — which means that it’s closing in on the original title.

The 1998 Resident Evil 2 (which beat out other legendary games of the era like Mario 64 and Final Fantasy VII), sits at the number 6 spot on Capcom’s Platinum Titles chart, with 4.96 million units sold. Of course, it’s worth remembering that this feat was accomplished while RE2 was only available on PlayStation 1, while REmake 2 is available across three separate platforms. That said, REmake 2 still hasn’t received a price cut, which could drastically impact sales whenever that happens; RE7 jumped from just barely clearing its sales goal to being the fourth best selling title in Capcom history after a price cut.

Speaking of Resident Evil 7, that game jumped up a little as well — the last time we reported on the sales for that, it had been sitting at 6.6 million units. Now RE7 has reached 6.8 million, a remarkably steady climb considering its sluggish start. As REmake 2 makes its way to catching up to the original title, RE7 is about 0.6 million units from closing the gap on RE6which would be awesome in my opinion. We’ll keep you guys posted on how these are doing, it’s pretty gratifying to see that age-old “voting with your wallet” paying off.


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