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RE2 Remake: You Just Need Multiple Accounts to Play the Demo Again

There was a lot of hubbub and chin-stroking when Capcom revealed that the RE2 Remake “1-Shot” demo was indeed one shot at the demo. After a 30-minute timer was up, that’s it — the demo locks you out permanently, leaving you with a fancy menu, a new trailer, and some now useless space on your platform’s hard drive. That is unless you have multiple accounts.

Yeah, suffice it to say the limitation of only being able to play the demo for thirty minutes evaporates just by having multiple accounts on your platform of choice, you don’t even have to re-download the demo for each one. When you’re done, just swap over to the next profile to continue playing. You will have to close out of and reopen the demo of course, but hey, that only takes a few seconds. Sure, it might be kind of a pain to set up multiple profiles if you don’t already have more than one, but it’s more time-consuming than actually difficult. You can check out YouTuber
swap accounts to keep playing on PS4 here.

Overall, the whole situation is… odd. I’m not sure why this limitation was put on the demo, seeing as how easy it is to circumvent. Hell, when the demo releases on Steam (there’s no word that I’ve found regarding its availability in the territories the demo has released in for console) I can almost guarantee a workaround for the limit will be found in a matter of hours. Of course, RE2 Remake does release in only fifteen days (fifteen!!!) so it isn’t that big of an issue either way, but the whole situation feels bizarre.

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