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Hunk and Tofu Creep Through Resident Evil 2: Remake One-Shot Ending

Claire, unarmed, holds back a zombie closing in for the kill.

It’s a good day to be an Aussie. Some intrepid souls in the land down under have not only finished the Resident Evil 2 Remake one-shot demo already, but they’ve also ripped the ending and posted it to YouTube. Cue Capcom takedowns in 5..4…3.. I digress. If you want to see the ending, which appears to be a trailer for the game that then links to the Steam page for purchase, check it here before it’s yanked.

The trailer is mostly a quick overview of the characters we’ve already seen in various tense situations. In usual Resident Evil fashion, the graphics are a blend of gorgeous and grotesque, and at their best when Claire comes onscreen. You didn’t come here to hear about the characters we’ve seen, though. You came for Hunk. Fine, here is Hunk. If you’re one of the jokesters who came for Tofu, this is your timestamp.

With the one-shot demo going live around the world, we should be able to post images soon. I can’t imagine Rourke will pass up the opportunity to play it live with all of you watching, and we will all take our turns getting through it and lighting up staff chat. Let us know what you think of the trailer, and of the demo once you get the chance to play.

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