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RE2 Remake: Optional Auto Aim Revealed For Inexperienced Players

Hey. Hey you. Yeah, you, the person typing how this feature that is totally optional to assist RE2 Remake players who aren’t as good as you are cheap and people should just ‘git gud’. Go away. Thanks.

Anyway, Capcom has revealed that RE2 Remake will be using an optional auto-aim feature that is designed to assist inexperienced players. This feature is off by default, being able to be toggled from the options menu, allowing the player to snap to and lock on to enemy weak points simply by holding down the aim button. This is pretty cool, as I know several people who simply cannot get into shooters and this feature would be a huge help to them getting into Resident Evil for the first time. Again, if you don’t want to play with this feature then you don’t have to — it is completely optional and won’t effect your experience at all. Anything that opens up the series to new comers is fine by me, I love Resident Evil and I’m always down to share it with friends who wouldn’t otherwise be interested.

Of course, this is also going to get out my tin foil hat, so get ready to venture off into the wonderful world of conspiracy and theories, based on nothing but piecing together potentially unrelated information.

One of the running issues people have brought up when suggesting that RE2 Remake could feature a “classic camera” mode as an unlockable, is that aiming would be a huge problem. Resident Evil 5‘s Lost in Nightmares DLC features an easter egg that swaps the view to classic camera angles, but the aiming when this easter egg is activated honestly sucks. It’s unchanged from the control of the over-the shoulder style, meaning that it’s overly difficult to aim at the enemies, the Guardians of Insanity (call them Blobs if you want but Guardians of Insanity is 500 times the better name), extremely difficult. However, with the inclusion of an auto-aim ability, that snaps our aim to the nearest enemy… would work perfectly for fixed camera, and completely eliminate this issue. While we cannot of course claim in any way that this is final, clinching proof of RE2 Remake having a fixed camera mode, it along with the handful of other information we’ve gotten (multiple shots in marketing that resemble classic camera, and Capcom’s still unrevealed “secret mode” that will add a significant replay value) gives me a great deal of hope. It is worth noting that yes, the source mentions again that Capcom tested all three cameras (fixed, over the shoulder, and first person) and settled on over the shoulder, but even when we asked the developers right to their face if it was a possibility, they did not say no outright. Simply reiterating the same “we tried all three but we think OTS works best” and that they weren’t “really thinking about fixed cameras” at the moment. Just like they wouldn’t confirm a demo, but look where we are now.

We have only a little over a month until release now (seriously, a month and five days), so there’s nothing to do now but wait. Classic camera or just the over the shoulder perspective, I’m just happy to be finally getting this game.


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