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RE2 Remake: 4 Million Units Now Shipped, Less Than 1 Million Away From Original’s Record

Hey hey, good news for RE2 Remake! We previously reported on RE2 Remake managing a cool 3 million units in its first week of sale, and now just over a month since launch we’re at 4 million units shipped, according to Capcom. This is huge news, considering it took Resident Evil 7 nearly a year to reach the same number (although worth noting it’s now at 6.1 million units, after about two years on the market). There’s no better way of sending that clear message to Capcom about what it is we want, eh? It’s also worth noting that shipping numbers only account for literal, physical units literally shipped to retailers — and does not account for digital sales whatsoever. There’s a pretty good chance RE2 Remake has sold way, way better than 4 million units, although without official word from Capcom it’ll be hard to tell (they still have yet to update their “Platinum Titles” webpage to include RE2 Remake).

This is also a pretty major step towards gaining a milestone I had been curious if it would overtake — the original Resident Evil 2. 1998’s Resident Evil 2 is hardly the only release of that title, but it was the best selling one, ending its run with 4.96 million units. While RE2‘s record as the best selling RE game was beaten long ago — RE5 at 7.4 million, RE6 at 7.2, and RE7 at 6.1 (taking seats at the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th highest selling Capcom games of all time), seeing how the remake would stack up against the original was bound to be interesting. In just over a month, RE2 Remake is only .96 million away from beating the original RE2‘s lifetime sales. Obviously games distribution is way easier and more mainstream than it was in 1998, but RE2 Classic broke records back then, and up until 2009 was Capcom’s second best selling game of all time (behind Street Fighter 2 on SNES, which had 6.3 million). With this steam train momentum, RE2 Remake is on track to overtake the original sooner rather than later, and who knows after that. As someone who flat out loved RE2 Remake, I’m overjoyed to see it getting so rightfully earned sales.


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