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Project Resistance Has a Pretty Big Resident Evil 3 Easter Egg

Resident Evil 3

As of today, the private beta for Project Resistance started and will be continuing on through the weekend, and things are off to a mostly positive start, with matches as of now being fairly fun. However, despite the beta period just starting, fans have already started to notice a pretty big easter egg raising hopes once more for the fabled Resident Evil 3 remake.

Much like mainline Resident Evil titles, Project Resistance features safe rooms in which players can gather their bearings and get ready to progress on ahead. In the case of Project Resistance, these safe rooms don’t have any music associated, at least not as of yet, but every time a group of players enters one there is a chance of Resident Evil 3‘s Save Room theme triggering. We don’t know what the chances of this easter egg activating is, nor if there is any way to manually trigger it, but I know I’ve heard it at least once or twice, suggesting that it isn’t an incredibly rare occurrence. You can check out video proof posted below by a couple of Twitter users.


While this in of itself doesn’t confirm anything, this is yet another tease from Capcom about the prospect of a Resident Evil 3 remake, and news of this comes shortly after several fans started speculating that both Carlos Olivera and Jill Valentine appeared in a background TV on Project Resistances‘ website. Furthermore, Capcom expressed a general interest in more remakes and remasters, a trend that has been continuing on strong for the company. Considering the success of the Resident Evil 2 remake, I’d be surprised if Resident Evil 3 wasn’t around the corner.

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