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Project REsistance: First Impressions, Mr. X, & More

Boy, it’s been quite the whirlwind of emotions over a spin-off game these past few days, hasn’t it? Project REsistance, which we have reason to believe either is a direct sequel to or a spiritual sequel to the beloved Outbreak series, has been offering a steady drip-feed of information since its reveal on the 9th. So far we’ve only seen footage from one of the game’s multiplayer modes, Mastermind, (pitting four survivors against one “Mastermind” player), but we have confirmation that there will be a single-player campaign as well. Odds are good there’s probably more multiplayer modes as well, but Capcom are choosing to focus on this mode, in particular, to try and get it just right. In the meantime, there’s been some more gameplay shown off, some concept art, and some hidden tidbits of info to pour-over.

First of all, opinions from TGS have been… pretty positive thus far! We wish that we were there, but until the closed Beta opens in October, we’ll have to rely on others for their first impressions. Fansite Biohaze discussed some of its issues (it is fairly early, after all), but that they ultimately had fun with it (even if it obviously won’t be for everyone). From a more casual eye, Polygon had an amazing time playing as the devilish Mastermind, screwing over desperate survivors. They do note that playing as the survivors is a bit clunky at the moment, though. Kotaku apparently forgot that there are already almost a dozen multiplayer Resident Evil games, but also had a pretty good time — again siting that the Mastermind was the real standout of the experience. Considering they’re showing only this one part of the game, and have emphasized that the reason they’re showing it is for the sake of feedback, rather than just “look here’s the game” hopefully means that the survivor gameplay can be ironed out more. Fans have been quick to note some rather stiff looking animations mixed in with the recycled REmake 2 ones, and enemies have a habit of just appearing in front of the player instead of naturally clawing their way into a room. There is a little more off-screen footage to take in though, so we can examine that like mad as well.

Next up, eagle-eyed (eared?) fan Jawmuncher noticed that Project REsistance is the first time a RE game has ever actually called the T-103 Tyrant Mr. X. While the title has pretty much been what Western fans have called him since always, none of the games have actually recognized the name before. He’s had nicknames, Trenchy stands out (from the RE2 segments of The Darkside Chronicles). Up until now, the T-103 Tyrant was only ever called Mr. X in non-canon media, like the S.D. Perry novelizations, and several toy lines. With the lead villain, Daniel Fabron, giving Mr. X the grand introduction he deserves, we finally have canon confirmation that that’s his nickname. Fun times.

There’s also a small thing that fans over on Reddit noticedProject REsistance is bringing back the Yellow Herb! Thus far only featured in two RE games, the Yellow Herb has had wildly different uses over the years. In its first appearance, Resident Evil: Gaiden, it simply functioned as a replacement for the G+G mix, as Gaiden didn’t have the ability to mix herbs. In Resident Evil 4, which is where most are familiar with it, it didn’t heal you at all, but could be mixed with a Green Herb or G+R mix to slightly increase your maximum health. This time around it takes on yet another ability, acting as a timed damage and health modifier. I’ll be curious if herb mixing is in this game, as it isn’t necessarily a guarantee. The multiplayer RE games have all had different approaches to herbs, with Outbreak and RE5 operating like previous games, but RE6 having this… weird, complicated tic tac system that added a few extra steps to the process. Both Revelations games only feature Green Herbs, and they function as a locked button for use and can’t be combined at all (well, sort of in Revelations 2, but it doesn’t increase effects, just multiplies how many Herbs you’re carrying). Umbrella Corps and Operation Raccoon City use it as a single-use pick-up that spawns on the map, and you use it the instant you pick it up.

We also have some rad looking concept art, both of the Umbrella labs the majority of the gameplay we’ve seen so far takes place in, but also some of Raccoon City proper. They’re very nostalgic, largely because honestly this is the dozenth time we’ve seen Raccoon City concept art and it’s pretty much always looked the same in them. It’s still fun, though. I especially like the alleyway shot.

That’s all we’ve found for now, but we’ll keep you updated as more Project REsistance information becomes available. Project REsistance doesn’t have a release date at present but will be released across PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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