Project REsistance Also Leaked Amidst REmake 3 News, FYI

I don’t blame anyone for not noticing, the hype burst surrounding the leak that yes, Resident Evil 3 is indeed being remade and coming sooner than expected is nuts (I stan Nemmy nose). In the exact same leak reported by Nibel, that other game (that we actually had confirmation for before) has also been leaked. Project REsistance (announced back in August) was revealed to now simply be Resident Evil: REsistance, appearing alongside REmake 3 in the same Gamestat tracker leak.

We’d previously discussed REsistance as having possibly been a multiplayer component to REmake 3, or possibly DLC for REmake 2 (which is still going through some sort of update, with the most recent change being on the 1st of this month), but this makes it look like it really is going to be its own game. Considering the hype surrounding REmake 3, that might be a pretty terrible tactic to take, honestly. Similar to Umbrella Corps, which was released just after the reveal of Resident Evil 7, releasing REsistance as a stand-alone game anywhere near REmake 3 will most likely prove disastrous, even if the game is really good. Umbrella Corps peaked at less than 500 players on Steam, and currently has only about 10 active players over the last few months — that is shockingly terrible for a Resident Evil title (for comparison, REmake 2 peaked at just under 80,000 and still has about 3,000 active players). Only time will tell, I suppose.

It is worth mentioning that this image appears to showcase the full main cast of REsistance, which includes the characters we’ve already seen (January, Tyrone, Samuel, Valerie, and the Mastermind, Daniel) as well as two new players. What looks like a very young male (like, younger than 18 young) and a sort of country gal (who looks oddly similar to Claire in REmake 2). More goofy teen horror tropes, which fits with the overall vibe the game is going for anyway.

Resident Evil: REsistance will be releasing on Xbox One, PS4, and PC at some point in the future.

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