Prey Protagonist Morgan Yu Can Be a Man or Woman - Rely on Horror

Prey Protagonist Morgan Yu Can Be a Man or Woman

Prey was announced at E3 with its lead character, Morgan Yu, being a man. Today, Arkane and Bethesda has revealed that you can choose the gender of Morgan Yu, with a revamped trailer. Want your protagonist to experience an alien outbreak and their own mutations to be a lady? Well, now you can.

The latest Prey trailer is identical to the last, but the voice over is now from a Miss Morgan. That’s all really; it’s neat that players can “choose their Morgan”. Arkane is letting players choose a male or female protagonist in Dishonored 2 as well, but in that case they’re different people, not one in the same. For me, I’ll have to see which Morgan┬áproduces the best performance before I choose.

Which Morgan are you planning to play as?

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