Phasmophobia Updates Teased, Possible New Ghost Coming


As far as acclaimed online co-op horror experiences go (especially those favored by the streaming community), there are few better examples than Phasmophobia. Recently, developer Kinetic Games has been rolling out VR updates, as well as some notable patches that tweak features of the game, including altering the layout of some of the maps and difficulty adjustments. Now, it appears that more content is inbound.

Posting on the Phasmophobia Steam page, Kinetic has been dropping a few hints about what’s due to be implemented at some point. There doesn’t appear to be any release window for the update just yet, but it looks as though they’ll include big changes and new additions to the game.

Chief among these is the introduction of ID cards, which will give players certain roles:



  • Developer – Ghost Huntin’ Director
  • Discord Team Member- Ghost Huntin’ Officer
  • Official Content Creator – Ghost Huntin’ Reporter


  • 0 – Ghost Huntin’ Intern
  • 1 – Ghost Huntin’ Recruit
  • 2 – Ghost Huntin’ Investigator
  • 3 – Ghost Huntin’ Pvt. Investigator
  • 4 – Ghost Huntin’ Detective
  • 5 – Ghost Huntin’ Technician
  • 6 – Ghost Huntin’ Specialist
  • 7 – Ghost Huntin’ Analyst
  • 8 – Ghost Huntin’ Agent
  • 9 – Ghost Huntin’ Operator
  • 10- Ghost Huntin’ Commissioner
  • 11 – Ghost Huntin’ Commissioner I
  • 12 – Ghost Huntin’ Commissioner II
  • 13 – Ghost Huntin’ Commissioner III
  • 14 – Ghost Huntin’ Commissioner IV
  • 15 – Ghost Huntin’ Commissioner V
  • 16 – Ghost Huntin’ Commissioner VI
  • 17 – Ghost Huntin’ Commissioner VII
  • 18 – Ghost Huntin’ Commissioner VIII
  • 19 – Ghost Huntin’ Commissioner IX
  • 20 – Ghost Huntin’ Commissioner X

There’s also a tease that suggests that there will be a new ghost-type being added. In a screenshot taken from the game, the journal is open to the “ghost types” page, with some blurred text hinting that there will be an extra spectral being.

One question many will be asking is whether or not there will be a new map. Sadly, this doesn’t appear to be the case. The closest we’ll be getting is “Sunny Meadows,” which is more of a “rework” of the Asylum map. The second developer preview says that there will be an increase in difficulty in areas where lights are broken or have fallen off the ceiling. Though minor, these changes should still be interesting for those who frequently play on the Asylum map.


There’s also going to be a rework of the main menu and the multiplayer lobby. Both will be given a “corkboard” look, which means the current marker board menu system is likely being ditched. Players in a lobby will also be able to vote on a location before beginning a hunt, and there’s also going to be a randomizer option for those who don’t decide.

Finally, Kinetic Games will be implementing a feature that will allow players to report others. Directly sending a message to the developer will give the team a chance to review the reasons why someone has been reported and then act accordingly. Hopefully, the post goes on to say, this will cut down the amount of “hacking” and abuse that often gets experienced in public games.

These changes should shake things up a bit for a robust community that’s hungry for more updated content. Kinetic didn’t disclose when these updates would go into effect, they only said that they will be coming soon. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear more.

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