Phasmophobia Could Get Scarier In A Future Update


By now it’s fair to say that a lot of people playing Phasmophobia have gotten past the scares. At this stage, the crux of the game is working together as a team (or even as one) to determine which ghost is haunting the location. Many veterans of the game are fully prepared for what to expect, tactically assessing the clues so they can hone in on the exact spook that’s knocking about.

Given that, Kinetic has a vested interest in keeping its lucrative asset soil-your-pants terrifying, and this could be coming in a future update. According to a post on the developer’s Steam page, Phasmophobia is going to be going through some changes in what is being referred to as “Horror 2.0.” One thing that’s getting an overhaul is the ghost models. There are also plans to add new effects, events, sounds, and interactions, all in the name of keeping players scared.


Kinetic is also looking to implement some new levels as well as rework the current ones. This will be good news to many who have been waiting for ages for a new map, the last of which being Maple Lodge Campsite, which rolled out nearly a year ago. There was the recent Phasmophobia update which gave us Sunny Meadows Mental Institution. However, this was less of a brand-new location and was a bit of a reworking of the game’s biggest map, the Asylum.

The roadmap that the studio has posted shows what’s already been implemented, but also gives some indication of what’s to come, such as new player models, new challenges and equipment, and more. Quite when these updates will begin rolling out cannot be said, but there are some coming this month, it seems, and more due throughout the rest of this year and into 2023.

We’ll keep you posted once we hear more about what’s coming to Phasmophobia.

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