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Paradox Has Major Announcement Coming, Vampire: The Masquerade Looking Very Likely

You probably remember us talking about the ARG site, Tender, a couple weeks back. It didn’t have much to it, but the blend of dating and pretty obvious horror themes, along with the connection to Paradox Entertainment seemed to point to a new Vampire: The Masqurade game. Bloodlines is very easily the best vampire game ever made, and one of my personal favorite RPGs of all time, so I am tingling with hype already. Well, that hype is now giving me the straight up jitters as that ARG is getting more and more involved, with emails sent out to users, and just today an escape room experience was streamed live out of New York. Interestingly, the stream has since been running a loop of some spooky looking water, along with the text “PROJECT CHIMERA File ID:¬†eaafa46a-4506-46a2-80d6-e85edc82a6a5”

Some are suggesting the image could be of a Santa Monica pier (which would connect it directly to Bloodlines, where it was a prominent location for one of the game’s most grizzly side quests). RPG Site also says their search on the code seems to indicate it relates to dice roll combinations (which lines up with the game’s pen and paper origins). Paradox’s Twitter account also shared this image, of what appears to be an in-universe email or memo (worth noting that a major part of Bloodlines‘ lore was explored through emails and computer hacking):

Yeah, if you aren’t well versed in the lore of Vampire: The Masquerade, a Thrall is essentially a blood slave, a mortal human bound into servitude to a vampire. No, it isn’t a term unique to Vampire, but 555¬†come on now. Also, worth noting the biblical connotations of the use of the name Jobe. On top of that, the date and location listed for this “big announcement” are the same as this years GDC, or Game Developers Conference. For right now, we can only but wait and see, but things are falling into place nicely, my fellow Kindred. Whether you be Brujah, Malkavian, Tremere, or uh… even Nosferatu, I think we should all started licking our lips. The shadows grow longest before the night, after all.


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