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“Layers Of Fear X One Shell Straight to Hell” is a Weird Mashup

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A new Layers of Fear-themed DLC for the up-and-coming isometric dungeon crawling rogue-like shoot-em-up (man, that’s a lot of genre descriptions) One Shell Straight to Hell has been announced. The developers, Shotgun With Glitters (a parent company of the Layers of Fear team Bloober), is still working on the full release but has said that the DLC will be available simultaneously once the base game is out. For the unfamiliar, One Shell Straight to Hell is a spinoff of survival horror game The Padre. The developer also said that the DLC will be free on Steam for a limited time, so now is a good time to show an interest.

Shotgun With Glitters stated that Layers of Fear X One Shell Straight to Hell (to give it its full title) will feature:

  • A semi-official-but-not-really alternative ending to the tragic events of Layers of Fear.
  • A new and unique additional story mission filled with nostalgia, salty one-liners, and cursed paintings accessible at any time from the Halliwell’s mansion hub.
  • New themed items to be unlocked into the main game mode to give more layers of demon-banishing to Padre Alexander.

As far as the story for the main game goes, we’ve been told this much:

In a little-known incident many years prior to the release of The Padre, the first game chronicling the adventures of a priest with attitude and a penchant for violent exorcism, our favorite demon-hunting priest was actually contacted directly by a mysterious figure in the art world about the disappearance of his daughter. Although the Padre was somewhat unsuccessful in the closing of that chapter and the daughter was never heard of again, his work did set off a sequence of events that can only now be squared in this crossover episode.

While the main game will have a more action-packed gameplay style to it, the DLC will lean more towards the brooding, psychologically damaged painter we’ve come to expect of the original Layers of Fear.

You can add the Layers of Fear X One Shell Straight to Hell DLC to your Steam wishlist here. Oh what the hell, why not add the base game while you’re at it? (You will actually need it to play the DLC).

Also, here’s a trailer. Note the bad-ass soundtrack.

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