Nintendo Direct: BioShock: The Collection, Catherine: Full Body Announced for Switch

After months and months of fans aching for a new Nintendo Direct, who would’ve thought they’d just stealth drop one on YouTube with no fanfare. Yep, a new slew of Switch games have either been revealed or at the very least been given a news update with new information. Some announcements were pretty surprising (an Arms fighter in Smash!?) while others were spoiled months ago. I speak of none other than BioShock: The Collection, of course, which was leaked via the Taiwanese Game Software Rating Regulations (GSRR) issuing a rating for the game back in January. The collection contains BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock: Infinite, and I couldn’t be more stoked. BioShock was one of the seminal games of its generation, and its sequels both garnered a tremendous amount of praise (albeit with arguably more criticism than the original game). The Collection releases on Nintendo Switch May 29th, just over two months from now.

Along with this announcement comes the more surprising reveal of Catherine: Full Body also coming to Nintendo Switch. The remaster/director’s cut of the twisted 2011 puzzler released last year on Xbox, PS4, and PC, and is now entering the world of handhelds for the first time! While the game itself has a massive fanbase for its story and addicting gameplay, it is worth mentioning that there’s been a ton of backlash over its mishandling of a trans character (which is reportedly doubled down on in this version). Full Body releases on Switch July 7th.

There weren’t any other horror-centric announcements during the Nintendo Direct (although you can watch the whole thing here), but there’s still plenty to come in the future, from Deadly Premonition 2 to the strong possibility that Resident Evil 3 Remake may release on it some time in the future as well. The direct more or less confirms that another will be coming in June, so not too much longer to wait until we hear more information!

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