New “Survive” Trailer for The Evil Within 2 Arrives

The latest trailer for The Evil Within 2 sets the stage for Sebastian’s return to STEM, the collective-conscious world where everything but nice and happy things seems to prevail. Sebastian’s daughter, Lilly, appears to be both STEM’s victim and one of its biggest conductors.

The new “Survive” trailer shows us that The Evil Within 2 is going to be a much more personal journey for Sebastian, with his visions of his daughter and his past echoing around him. Returning monstrosities from the first game also re-appear, showing that STEM has yet to recover from the events of the first game. Familiar gameplay mechanics like stealth, crafting, and burning enemies are also back.

Having been on the fence on The Evil Within 2 since its reveal at E3, this trailer has improved my outlook on the game. This trailer highlights some surreal imagery, wacky (and I’m sure cheesy) characters, gross monsters and might I say, way better looking in-game graphics than previously shown.

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