E3 2017: The Evil Within 2 Officially Announced

1497244370476It started yesterday with an interesting banner advertisement on Reddit. The Evil Within 2, not yet announced, was coming up for sale. It took seconds for the news to spread like wildfire across the internet, suddenly raising interest in Bethesda’s middle of the night press conference.

Tonight, Bethesda made very good on the promise of The Evil Within 2, releasing a long cinematic trailer to entice players. They’ve obviously done a great job keeping development of the game locked down tight, since the first real clue that it may be coming was their ad. With this trailer, we learned the story of the game and that it will be ready this October on Friday the Thirteenth, because of course it will.

Players bring back the first game’s main character Sebastian and dive back into the unhinged world of STEM, this time on a mission to save his long-dead daughter Lily. Horror fans know better than to believe a message saying your dead relative is really alive in an awful place, but any fan of the original game is likely ready to jump in.

You can see the trailer here, and keep an eye on the site for updates with any new news we can catch about The Evil Within 2 throughout the week.

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