New Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City Still, Lands R Rating

The veil is finally beginning to be lifted off of the new Resident Evil film reboot, Welcome to Raccoon City, after we got a handful of stills last month. Today, a new image has been revealed thanks to Fandango, showing off S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team as they explore the Arklay forest, giving us a clearer look at their updated uniforms.

I, and many other fans, are still very torn on their looks, especially Jill’s (who seemingly has her Resident Evil 3: Nemesis tube-top on beneath her jumpsuit?), but it’s still great seeing the gang all together. Barry of course is still absent, and considering we never got a casting announcement for him, odds are good that he won’t be here at all. In his place is Richard Aiken, the famously doomed Bravo Team member having been upgraded to Alpha for the sake of the film. Joseph is also missing, but if Barry’s gone it isn’t surprising a character with only two lines of dialogue (“Hey! Over here!” and “AH!”) got axed as well.

Richard’s actor, Chad Rook (who has previously been very excited on social media) ensured “trolls” that the movie is still worth looking forward to by yet again teasing Yawn (the giant snake that devours/poisons Richard in the game).

Along with this, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City has finally gotten its MPAA rating certification, and as you might’ve expected it has landed an R. Not at all surprising given the source material, and the success of the previous six (technically 9 if we count the animated films) films despite their R rating would indicate that the R is here to stay. The rating description lists “Strong Violence and Gore, and Language Throughout”, which matches up with the descriptions for previous Resident Evil films (although several of those also featured nudity).

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City releases November 24th.

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