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New Prey Trailer Explains its Alt-Future

Bethesda has just dropped a new story trailer for Prey which explains how its alt-future came to be. In a 2D animation video, we learn that the development of the Talos I facility, the location where Prey is set, came to be due to a series of events spurred by President Kennedy surviving his assassination attempt.

After returning to office, Kennedy pushed the United States further into the space race, leading to the production of a U.S./Russian joint R&D facility in space. The facility studied the alien lifeforms we’ve seen as the threat in Prey, the Typhons. After the facility was originally shut down to the creatures escaping, it was reclaimed by the TranStar Corporation and turned into an advanced┬áspace station where research into the creatures continued. And that’s where things go to shit again.

Protagonist Morgan will have to survive against the alien threat about Talos I using his or her own alien abilities when Prey releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC next year.

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