New Alien Game Said to be in Development

Image of the Xenomorph from Alien Isoaltion.

It looks as though a new AAA Alien game is in development, with a late 2023 release being a possibility. It’s been a tough old gig for any studio looking to bring Ridley Scott and/or James Cameron’s horror masterpieces to the gaming world, but hope springs eternal. Pretty much the only decent one that’s come about in recent decades is Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation. After all, it’s no secret that fans have been clamoring for an Isolation 2 for several years.

The news comes from Insider Gaming, which says the source of the information wished to remain anonymous. It also adds that this elusive Alien title will likely draw inspiration from Dead Space and Resident Evil. Interestingly enough, further details do suggest that an Isolation sequel may be in the works or at least being pitched, though this sounds like a separate game all-together. This means the other one is likely to be a separate Alien title. It’s too early to say.

If that wasn’t enough, Creative Assembly is currently hiring, and many of these positions are for a “new project.” In fact, the developer’s Twitter page says it’s working on two “unannounced projects.” It doesn’t take much to put two and two together. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that nothing has been officially announced by any studio yet. Given that, it’s best to wait until something concrete comes along, but many of us will be hoping this new game will be Alien: Isolation 2.

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