Upcoming Alien: Isolation Book Will Chronicle The Game’s Development

Alien: Isolation

There was a time when the idea of faithfully adapting the Alien franchise into a video game wasn’t as sure a thing as it probably should’ve been. After Aliens: Colonial Marines was released in 2013 and then subsequently cited as one of the worst examples of how to pay homage to the beloved sci-fi films, many thought it would take a miracle for anyone to do the series proud. Thankfully, UK developer Creative Assembly did just that the following year with Alien: Isolation.

Now, someone who’s just as obsessed with the game and original films is writing a book chronicling Isolation’s development. Written by Andy Kelly, a games journalist from the UK who’s written for PC Gamer and the UK’s Guardian newspaper, ‘Perfect Organism’ is a hardback companion to the game and will recount interesting tidbits and behind-the-scenes details about one of the scariest horror games ever made.

‘Perfect Organism’ will have chapters exploring the design of the game, the intricate AI that made it such a hit, as well some information on the DLC. Kelly admits that in addition to detailing the creation of the game, the book is also an outlet for his self-professed obsession with Alien: Isolation, as well as the original 1979 Alien film directed by Ridley Scott. It looks like an interesting read for fans and is a fitting way to pay homage to this highly-praised adaptation of the universe of the original film.

The book is currently open to donations on Unbound.com, for anyone who’s interested. At the moment, it’s 31% funded, so there’s still time to donate. The minimum pledge amount is £10 (approx. $15 US/€). At the very least, supporters will be able to have their name on the back of the book and will get a copy of it digitally once it’s published.


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