Multiplayer in Silent Hill…Maybe?

We brought you news before about a rumour that had cropped up online, that suggested that Vatra Games and Konami were interested in bringing a multiplayer experience to Silent Hill.  The rumour had shown up in an issue of Game Informer magazine back in January.

We were thinking with Konami, of course, to do some cooperative experiences, but obviously it had its own problems like isolation, atmosphere, working for this type of horror game.  We basically treid to do something that was two players playing in the environment, but not in the same place.  So they could have had a part where they were playing with each other, but split up, either by events or their own decisions.

–Marek Berka, Lead Designer

We’ll maintain our position that Silent Hill is a solo experience.   A strong, single-player experience.  Strong enough that it doesn’t need a multiplayer component.  We can understand where Konami and Vatra are coming from – often games that do not have a multiplayer component are doomed to fail at retail.  But this is Silent Hill we’re talking about, not some shooter.

Well, that was back in January.  Here we are in March and the rumour is still strong…even though that’s…not that long of a time.  But, there does seem to be a bit more credibility to it the story this time around.

From an interview in Xbox 360 Magazine Italy

At the moment, there will be no multiplayer modes in Silent Hill: Downpour, but Konami are investigating a separate chapter devoted entirely to multiplayer.  We do not know the details, but it should be an XBLA title that most players have to survive in the town of Silent Hill.

–Radek Marek

A Silent Hill devoted entirely to multiplayer?  You can forgive us if we’re a little nervous about jumping head-first into that pool.  Vatra and Konami are keen on keeping the sense of isolation in the game – we’re not sure how well that mashes up with multiplayer.

More news on this potential XBLA title and its potential multiplayer component as it becomes available.  What do you think?  Should Silent Hill be left as a single player game, or should it foray into the world of multiplayer?


Source: Game Informer
Xbox 360 Magazine Italy
Hell Descent Forums

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