Multiplayer Silent Hill? …Nah!

Apparently, Vatra Games had some plans to incorporate everyone’s favourite feature into Silent Hill: Downpour.  However, after coming to their senses, they’ve determined that this is just the sort of game play mode that doesn’t work for Silent Hill.

It was something that they looked at very early in the game, then just didn’t think we could do it justice yet.

–Brian Gomez, Design Director

We were thinking with Konami, of course, do some cooperative experiences, but obviously it had its own problems like isolation, atmosphere, working for this type of horror game.  We basically tried to do something that was two players playing in the environment, but not in the same place, so they could have had a part where they were playing with each other, but split up, either by events, or their own decisions.

–Marek Berka, Lead Designer

We think we’re pretty much in agreement that the semi co-op sections in Homecoming really detracted from the game’s horror experience.  What fun is being trapped in Silent Hill if your girlfriend is there?  Albeit, bugs in her system might make her just want to run into a post…but otherwise normal, too?

On the other hand, games that fail to feature a strong multiplayer element seem to fade into obscurity shortly after launch.  Either that, or they’re bashed by gamers as ‘not enough value.’

Silent Hill is a single player experience, Konami.  A strong, single player experience.  Let’s leave it that way, eh?  Silent Hill: Downpour is slated for release this year, sometime in Autumn.  Ooh, right in time for Halloween! We’ll be waiting.


from Gameinformer

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