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Modder Showcases The Unfinished Town Of P.T.


In case you were starting to recover from Silent Hills‘s cancellation, here is some news to reopen that wound.

Youtuber Lance McDonald recently uploaded a video showcasing the unfinished town of Silent Hill within the P.T. demo. Obviously the town was far from finished, but now we can finally get a better idea of what the rest of the game would look like outside of the demo’s looping hallways. As McDonald points out, tiny details such as the locations of each fire escape were being slightly altered in location and shape in order to prevent the feeling of copy and paste. Even in its current state, the atmosphere was still very strong and oppressive, so the idea of the world actually being populated by threats is exciting. Knowing that such an attention to detail was being considered, and considering just how much the environment truly feels like Silent Hill, I can only imagine how amazing the fully realized rendition version could have been.

All that being said, who really cares about P.T. or Silent Hills when gems like this exist.

Jokes aside, obviously just about everyone was anticipating P.T., as evident as the horde of games trying to replicate it’s experience, so I wouldn’t be surprised if many also found the video as difficult to watch as I did, all things considered. Lance McDonald’s channel is full of unseen/cut content from various games, and this isn’t even his first P.T. video, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already.

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