MediEvil Remake Teaches You How To Use Weapons In New Trailer

MediEvil Remake

MediEvil Remake prepares to debut on PlayStation 4 on October 25th, marking the return of a game that we fell in love with in 1998. You once again put yourself in the skin, or, rather, in the bones of Sir Daniel Fortesque. In addition to his characteristic sword and shield, Daniel will learn how to use other weapons in this installment aswell. In a new trailer, PlayStation teaches you how to get the most out of your arsenal.

As PlayStation details in the new MediEvil Remake trailer of the Gallowmere Guide, you can now use axes, hammers, crossbows or bows while touring the gloomy kingdom of Gallowmere, where the action of the game takes place. Each of these weapons also has “more than one way” to use, which you can apply to each of the enemies that you find on your way.

While your sword can serve to control a group of enemies, you can load the hammer with a kind of spectral power to hit several creatures at once by crashing it to the ground. In addition, the trailer warns that there are weapons that work best against certain enemies, so you have to think carefully about how to deal with your opponents.

Without losing the hack and slash essence of the original, Other Ocean Interactive again gives you the experience of a game that dazzled us but taking care of its difficulty so it doesn’t get too frustrating. Zombies, flying creatures and other beings will meet you as you explore the tombs and mausoleums in Gallowmere. So it’s time to get a good grip on your weapons and prepare for an epic adventure.

MediEvil Remake will debut on October 25th, exclusively on PS4. This is a modern version of the 1998 game that offers both renewed graphics and a new configuration of buttons and perspective.

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