Leon Knows Gun-Fu In New Resident Evil: Vendetta Clip


So Resident Evil: Vendetta, the new in-universe animated film from the franchise, is looking… uh. While the previous two films, Degeneration and Damnation were pretty action heavy as well, they at least still felt more or less on tone with the games they released near (Resident Evil 5 and 6), but Vendetta seems to be aiming past even the lofty action sense of those games and going straight for… the live action movies. A new clip released today shows off an action scene involving Chris and Leon taking down a hallway filled with the living dead and the results are different.

While I do actually really like the blood effects and the sheer amount of it, the scene itself is… well, did you ever get to see John Wick? I know there’s still a strong following for the action era of Resident Evil, but even so, this has to be a bit much, right? Either way, the film is releasing in a few more months, first in Japan in May and then getting a one-time theatrical release in the US on June 19th, coming to home video sometime afterward.

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