Krampus Debuts In The New Killing Floor 2 Update

Killing Floor 2 Krampus Lair

If you are a Killing Floor fan, continuous loops of Christmas music isn’t the only thing you should be terrified by. Tripwire Interactive has recently unveiled their new Holiday update for Killing Floor 2. Here is the basic rundown of what we are getting.

  • One new stage: ‘Krampus’ Lair’ (previewed above)
  • A new boss enemy, Krampus himself
  • Two new weapons (names and details are unknown)
  • Special objectives for the holiday season
  • New holiday version of each Zed

Killing Floor 2

All of this is coming on December 12th, although there is an opt-in beta coming December 5 for those desperate to get a look at things. I know I’m in.

Speaking of Christmas music, hopefully we will also see some Killing Floor renditions of Christmas tunes, similar to what we heard in the previous carnival update, but we probably won’t know until the update drops. In the meantime, Tripwire also left us with some fun mp3s of Zed auditions to enjoy.

You can find Tripwire’s first forum thread about the updates here, and the second one here. Also check out our review of Killing Floor 2.

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