Konami Confirms P.T. Will Not Be Backward Compatible on PS5

In the last few weeks since Sony had announced that around 99% of PS4 games would be backwards compatible on PS5, many people were left wondering which games would be the ones that didn’t make the full jump forward. Sony provided a tentative list of games that would not be compatible with the PS5, and it only consisted of 10 titles for the time being.

Naturally, this got many horror fans wondering if the illustriously canceled Silent Hills playable teaser demo, P.T., would make the cut, and some rumors have been circulating lately. Some fans started to stretch logic and assume that since P.T. wasn’t listed on that list of incompatible games, that it obviously meant it would be compatible, but we’ve now learned that is not the case.

That bubble has now been burst by an official confirmation from Konami where they stated that “the content will not be available on the PS Store, so users won’t be able to re-download the content through the backwards compatibility feature to the PS5.”

Sony’s official support page about the feature details that in order to use a game with backward compatibility on PS5, the game must be downloaded from the PS5 store in order to work. Since P.T. has been completely de-listed from the PS Store for almost 5 years now, that’s obviously not possible, even if you had downloaded the demo back when it was available.

Many fans then started to grasp at straws and infer that since the PS5 will support a console-to-console data transfer to bring your games over from your PS4 to your PS5, it followed that if you still had P.T. on your PS4 hard drive, you’d be able to transfer it over to the PS5.

The statements and official info about this process suggest that any game or app you’re transferring must also have an existing store page on the PS Store so it can verify with the store in order to play on PS5, even with the console-to-console data transfer or an external hard drive. This kills the rumors that the demo will be playable on the new console since Konami confirmed it definitely will not have a page on the PS Store.

If you’re a fan who’s still obsessed with P.T. and were thinking of getting rid of your PS4 in exchange for a shiny new PS5, you’ll have to reconsider that decision based on these recent developments.

When the cow finally jumps over the moon, we may have some news about potential new Silent Hill projects as they arise, but realistically, this may be the last game-related news from the series for a while.

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