Killing Floor 2 now available for Steam Early Access (and the soundtrack too!)


It’s heeeeeere! After a short closed beta, Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor 2 is now available on Steam Early Access for $29.99 standard edition/ $39.99 Digital Deluxe Edition. You can also get the soundtrack on iTunes, Amazon, and Solid State’s official site. I had a fantastic time with the beta and look forward to diving back in. Remember, this isn’t your average Early Access game; though there are small bugs, it mostly feels polished. There are 4 out of the 10 planned perks available right now (Support, Commando, Berserker, Medic), and 3 maps, with content updates coming throughout 2015. Be aware that there is the possibility that your perk experience may be deleted if exploits are found, so if that kills the game for you, you may want to wait for the full release. The core gameplay is so much fun that I don’t mind, but your mileage may vary.

Have fun out there! I’ll be doing updates on every content patch but will not release a full review until the game is complete. For now, here are my impressions. Now go on, git, and start killing dem floors.

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