Kickstarter Launches for Deathground – A Dinosaur Survival Horror Game

A Kickstarter campaign was recently launched for the ambitious dinosaur-themed title Deathground. Developed by Jaw Drop Games, an independent game studio based in the U.K., Deathground is a solo and co-op survival horror game that throws players into a desperate battle for survival against deadly AI dinosaurs. Players can team with up to 3 players for squad-based action or attempt to survive alone in a solo session.

According to the developers:

As players, you form a group of professional hunters and survivalists on a mission to the “Deathground” to retrieve high-value loot. Players are put through the ultimate test of cooperation as they travel through darkened and anxious environments overrun by deadly dinosaurs, in order to survive. Reactive AI dinosaurs that hunt you down, random extraction points and dynamic objectives create unpredictable and varied experiences and all contribute to a menacing atmosphere filled with fear, suspense and anticipation.

As huge dinosaur fanatics and experienced game developers, we’re building a game that we’re extremely passionate about and believe this is a game people would love to play. For years, we’ve spotted all types of requests and comments across the internet for this game type. We’ve heard your calls and this is our answer!

While it takes obvious inspiration from movies like Jurassic Park and the aforementioned Capcom survival horror series, Deathground nevertheless looks to bring its own unique spin on the genre, incorporating survival horror elements of past games like Dino Crisis, with the atmosphere and tension of first-person of titles like Alien: Isolation and Half-Life 2.

As of this writing, the developers are well on there way and currently have $80,548 pledged out of their $100,529 goal, with 18 days left to go. If successfully funded, the game is set to release for the PC.

Check out the first gameplay teaser below.

YouTube video

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