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ICYMI – last week’s notes

It was a busy week for us last week!  Let’s take a look at some of the things you might have missed!

Resident Evil

The release of Resident Evil Remastered finally happened!  Jorge and CJ both tackled the Resident Evil Remastered review.  Yasuhisa Kawamura has openly expressed a great interest in remaking Resident Evil 3and Capcom issued a buyer’s guide to the Spencer Mansion.  You know, for people who want to buy a pile of booby-trapped rubble.  And have you ever gotten to the end of Resident Evil‘s Invisible mode?

When it comes to newer titles, a new enemy and footage have been revealed for Revelations 2, and we have word that the final film of the franchise begins shooting soon.


In addition to the Resident Evil Remastered review, we also have a review for the visual novel Train of Afterlife, and Zack faced his fears with multiplayer shark-vs-diver game Depth.  CJ also reviewed Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.  Because it’s in hell.

Coming Soon

What was thought to have been a sequel turned out to be an HD remaster for Indigo Prophecy, revealed accidentally by Amazon.  An ESRB listing has outed Echo Night, coming to Playstation Classics on an undisclosed date.  The Hum: Abductions was announced for PC and Playstation 4 as sort of a prequel to the cancelled Kickstarter funded project.  We also got some new details and a new Kickstarter for Clock Tower successor Night Cry.  You can check out a new gameplay trailer for Monstrum, and a new trailer for The Order 1886,

That’s all for now.  It’s Sunday, time to check up on all that you missed and just relax.  If you’re up for a chat, head over to the forums, and don’t forget to keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter!


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