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Hunt: Showdown Amps Up the Team Sizes in Time for Launch

Hunt: Showdown

After a year and a half of Hunt: Showdown being in Early Access, the official launch of the game is just around the corner. Developer Crytek announced a new game mode that will be making its way into the final release, titled ‘Trinity.’ This mode deviates from the traditional formula of five teams of two (or ten solo) players and adds the possibility for a third squad member. Given the additional player, there are bound to be new opportunities for strategic play only possible with the larger team size.

For the unfamiliar, Hunt: Showdown is an early-access competitive first-person shooter in which players hunt down each other as well as fend off various monsters lurking around the Louisiana swamps. The player(s) to successfully hunt down the designated monster is bestowed a bounty on their head for other players to claim. Players will be able to use earned experience and money to customize and prepare for future matches, though each playable character is technically only given one life and a new one needs to be “recruited” if the previous is killed in a match.

Hunt: Showdown and the trinity update are set to release on August 27th for Xbox and Steam. There are plans for Hunt: Showdown to release on the PS4 later this fall, but no official release date has been given as of yet.

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