House of the Dead Remake Free Upgrade on Xbox Series Drops This Week

The House of the Dead

Xbox Series X|S owners can rejoice this week, as the publisher Forever Entertainment has finally confirmed that The House of the Dead Remake is receiving an upgrade for Microsoft’s newest consoles, after being stuck with a fairly low-performance version since the launch earlier this year.

The upgrade drops on September 23rd and will feature greatly upgraded performance, which was a sore point for the original Xbox release, as noted in my comprehensive multi-platform review for the game back in April. Hopefully, this version will bring the performance closer to modern PCs, given the powerful hardware of both X|S Series consoles.

This version of the game also now has mouse support on the Xbox consoles, so you’re able to plug a mouse into your Xbox and play with a lot more precision than is available with a standard controller.

These new updates, combined with the mouse support will definitely bring the Xbox version of the game up a few notches. I’ll definitely be booting it up again this week to compare the performance and revisit one of my favorite games this year.

We’re still waiting for an upgraded version for the PlayStation 5, which will hopefully be released shortly after this. It’ll be interesting to see if they also keep the PlayStation Move support for that version, given Sony’s reluctance to support the Move controllers outside of VR content for several years now.

Stay tuned for more updates on any future versions as they come, and get ready to jump back into the game with increased fidelity on Xbox later this week. We’re also still waiting for more news on the remake The House of the Dead 2, which was confirmed as being in development, so we’ll just have to be more patient for that at the moment.

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