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House of the Dead 1 & 2 Are Finally Getting Remakes

House of the Dead

It’s about time! Forever Entertainment, the developers behind the upcoming Panzer Dragoon remakes (another on-rails shooter) will be taking a crack at the first two House of the Dead titles as well. Judging from the Panzer Dragoon footage below, you can imagine a rough idea of what we can expect from these games. The translated article below states that Forever Entertainment is going to be taking a similar approach to remaking House of the Dead as they are with Panzer Dragoon. That approach being to bring the game’s visuals up to “modern standards,” while retaining as much of the original’s gameplay experience as possible. If by modern standards they mean visuals on par with the recent House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, then I’ll definitely be satisfied. The only other tidbit of news we got is to expect some development materials to be shown within the next few months.

This is excellent news for both the series as playing House of the Dead 1 and House of the Dead 2 is getting increasingly difficult. HOTD2 was only re-released on the Wii (several generations ago). HOTD1, however, had its source code lost, making playing the game in any shape or form very difficult. Like importing a Japanese Sega Saturn difficult. Even though the look of the original House of the Dead may be lost, at least the gameplay and its masterful story can be archived better now. More importantly, these remakes mean we’ll get to see yet another rendition of the Magician’s theme. Hell yeah.

With all this in mind, I think a Switch release for these games is very likely. Given House of the Dead is a light gun arcade series, the joy-cons seem to be a natural fit for the genre and Panzer Dragoon is already on its way to the Switch. As for other platforms, who knows. One would hope that we’d see a PlayStation and PC release as well, as the House of the Dead games could work out pretty well with VR, but I don’t know if the demand is great enough for that to happen. Either way, I’ll take whatever content I can get.

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